Monday, July 11, 2011

Best pocket camera 2011

DSLR users have a dilemma when planning to go out to an event where you want good pictures, but you don't want to bring the big bag with a DSLR and a lens or two that weighs in a 5+ pounds.

2011 brought a new pocket camera that I can honestly say is a significant advancement in many areas. Most pocket cameras take decent pictures in daylight or bright light. Most of them stink indoors when you have low light and moving subjects.

The Canon S95 is a game changer. It's low light shows are fantastic. Colors are great too. It's light weight, fits in a pocket, and comes much closer to the quality you get from a DSLR than any other pocket camera in the past. Pick it up for $400 or less as of July 2011.

Update:  Here's the Canon S110 for 2013 for around $340.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tiny computer builds

I love building computers. Last year it was a small micro atx box that could serve as a backup for audio editing.

I used the in-win BK644 case paired up with an ASRock motherboard. The case worked well; but it seems to be out of stock as of July 2011.

Someone asked if I considered building a mini-ITX. Not yet, but when I do, here's one case that I'm looking at. The Antec ISK 100. It comes with a power supply and is ready for it's tiny slice of your desk.